How do I Download my Own Video from YouTube?

Whether you are looking to download your own video from YouTube to save it on your hard drive as a backup or simply want to be able to have access to it when you find yourself without an Internet connection, you can actually do this in a very easy way.

Can I Download My Own Video from the YouTube Website?

If you are the person who has uploaded the video you want to download from YouTube , you can easily download it straight from the website. Go to the drop-down menu that is available on your YouTube account, in the right-hand corner. You will see an "Edit" button. Click on it and then download the video.

Can I Download My Own Video from YouTube in Another Format?

Even though it is possible to download your own video directly from the YouTube website, you may want to have it in another format than that you used at the time of the uploading. To do so, you can use a YouTube downloader such as HoneyCut Music, which allows you to download any video you want, not just those you uploaded yourself, and moreover lets you convert the video into different formats.

What are the supported formats I can obtain by using HoneyCut Music?

When you decide to use the HoneyCut Music app, you don't have to worry about being able to transform the files into any format you like.Some of the formats the app supports include: MP3, Avi, MP4 , Flv, Mov, WMA, WMV.

This multimedia program makes the entire process very easy and you don't have to download any extra software.What's even better, you actually don't need any technical skills to understand the way the editor works, so anyone can download their favorite videos from YouTube in minutes.